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Captain Kidd

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Mercer's Cluster p. 498


Through all the world below,

God is seen all around;

Search hills and valleys through,

There he's found.

The growing of the corn,

The lily and the thorn,

The pleasant and forlorn,

All declare God is there,

In the meadows drest in green,

There he's seen.


See springs of water rise,

Fountains flow, rivers run;

The mist below the skies

Hides the sun;

Then down the rain doth pour

The ocean it doth roar,

And dash agains the shore,

All to praise, in their lays,

That God that ne'er declines

His designs.


The sun, to my surprise,

Speaks of God as he flies:

The comets in their blaze

Give him praise;

The shining of the stars

The moon as it appears,

His sacred name declares;

See them shine, all divine!

The shades in silence prove

God's above.


Then let my station be

Here on earth, as I see

The sacred One in Three

All agree;

Through all the world is made,

The forest and the glade;

Nor let me be afraid,

Though I dwell on the hill

Since nature's works declare

God is there.

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