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The Spiritual Sailor

7, 6

I. Neighbours

Dover Selection, p. 133


The people called Christians

Have many things to tell

About the land of Canaan,

Where saints and angels dwell;

But here a dismal ocean,

Enclosing them around,

With its tides, still divides

Them from Canaan's happy ground.


Many have been impatient

To work their passage through,

And with united wisdom

Have tried what they could do;

But vessels built by human skill

Have never sailed far,

Till we found them aground

On some dreadful, sandy bar.


The everlasting gospel

Hath launched the deep at last

Behold the sails expanded

Around the towering mast!

Along the deck in order,

The joyful sailors stand,

Crying, "Ho!"--here we go

To Immanuel's happy land.


We're now on the wide ocean

We bid the world farewell!

And though where we shall anchor

No human tongue can tell;

About our future destiny

There need be no debate,

While we ride on the tide,

With our Captain and his Mate.


To those who are spectators

What anguish must ensue,

To hear their old companions

Bid them a last adieu!

The pleasures of your paradise

No more our hearts invite;

We will sail--you may rail,

We shall soon be out of sight.


The passengers united

In order, peace, and love;--

The wind is in our favor,

How swiftly do we move!

Though tempests may assail us,

And raging billows roar,

We will sweep through the deep,

Till we reach fair Canaan's shore.

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