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The Christian Warfare

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I find myself placed in a state of probation,

Which God has commanded us well to improve,

And I am resolved to regard all his precepts,

And on in the way of obedience to move.

I know I must go through great tribulation,

And many sore conflicts on every hand;

But grace will support and comfort my spirit,

And I shall be able for ever to stand.


I'm Called to contend with the powers of darkness,

And many sore conflicts I have to pass through;

O Jesus, be with me in every battle,

And help me my enemies all to subdue;

If thou, gracious Lord, will only be with me,

To aid and direct me, then all will be right;

Apollyon, with all his powerful forces,

In thy name and thy strength I shall soon put to flight.


And when I must cross the cold stream of Jordan,

I'll bid all my sorrows a final adieu,

And hasten away to the land of sweet Canaan,

Where, Christians, I hope I shall there meet with you.

That rest into which my soul shall then enter,

Is perfectly glorious, and never shall end--

A rest of exemption from warfare and labor,

A rest in the bosom of Jesus, my friend.


And more than exemption from fighting and hardship

My gracious redeemer will grant unto me;

A portion of bliss he has promised to give me,

And true to that promise he surely will be.

Yes, I shall receive and always inherit

A happy reception and truly divine.

For which all the praises and glory, my Savior

Are due unto thee, and shall ever be thine.

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