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The Christian's Farewell



Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at hand,

When That we must be parted from this social band:

Our several engagements now call us away,

Our parting is needful, and we must obey.


Farewell, faithful soldiers, you'll soon be discharged,

The war will be ended, your bounty enlarged,

With shouting and singing, though Jordan may roar,

You'll enter fair Canaan, and rest on the shore.


Farewell, younger brethren, just listed for war,

Sore trials await you, but Jesus is near;

Although you must travel the dark wilderness,

Your Captain's before you, he'll lead you to peace.


Farewell, trembling mourners, with sad broken hearts,

O hasten to Jesus, and choose the good part!

He's full of compassion, and mighty to save,

His arms are extended, your souls to receive.


Farewell, careless sinners, for you I must mourn,

To think of your danger, if still unconcerned;

I read of the judgment, where all must appear,

How will you stand trembling with tormenting fear!


Farewell, my dear brethren, farewell all around,

Perhaps we'll not meet till the last trump shall sound

to meet you in glory I give you my hand,

Our Savior to praise in a pure social band.

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