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The Narrow Way


Rev. Andrew Grambling


Come ye who know the Lord indeed,

Who are from sin and bondage freed,

Submit to all the ways of God

And walk the narrow happy road.


Great tribulation you shall meet,

But soon shall walk the golden street;

Though hell may rage and vent her spite,

Yet Christ will save his heart's delight.


That awful day will soon appear,

When Gabriel's trumpet you shall hear

Sound through the earth yea down to hell,

To call the nations great and small.


To see the earth in burning flames,

The trumpet louder here proclaims,

"The world shall hear and know her doom,

The separation now is come."


Behold the righteous marching home,

And all the angels bid them come;

While Christ, the judge, with joy proclaims,

"Here come my saints, I'll own their names."


Ye everlasting doors fly wide,

Make ready to receive my bride;

Ye trumps of heaven proclaim abroad,

"Here comes the purchase of my blood."


In grandeur see the royal line

In glittering robes the sun outshine;

See saints and angels join in one

And march in splendor to the throne


They stand and wonder, and look on—

They join in one eternal song,

Their great Redeemer to admire,

While raptures set their souls on fire.

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