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8, 7, 4

Thos. Hastings


On the mountain's top appearing,

Lo! the sacred herald stands,

Welcome news to Zion bearing,

Zion, long in hostile lands:

Mourning captive,

God himself shall loose thy bands,

(Repeat previous 2 lines)


Lo! thy sun is risen in glory,

God himself appears thy Friend;

All thy foes shall flee before thee;

Here their boasts and triumphs end:

Great deliverance

Zion's King vouchsafes to send,

(Repeat previous 2 lines)


Enemies no more shall trouble,

All thy wrongs shall be redressed,

For thy shame thou shalt have double,

In thy Maker's favor blest;

All thy conflicts

End in an eternal rest

(Repeat previous 2 lines)

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