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Oh Turn, Sinner




Today, if you will hear his voice,

Now is the time to make your choice;

Say, will you to Mount Zion go?

Say, will you have this Christ, or no?


Say, will you be for ever blest,

And with this glorious Jesus rest?

Will you be saved from guilt and pain?

Will you with Christ for ever reign?


Make now your choice, and halt no more;

He now is waiting for the poor:

Say now, poor souls, what will you do?

Say, will you have this Christ, or no?


Ye dear young men, for ruin bound,

Amidst the Gospel's joyful sound,

Come, go with us, and seek to prove

The joys of Christ's redeeming love.


Your sports, and all your glittering toys,

Compared with our celestial joys,

Like momentary dreams appear:—

Come, go with us—your souls are dear.


Young women, now we look to you,

Are you resolved to perish too?

To rush in carnal pleasures on,

And sink in flaming ruin down?


The, dear young friends, a long farewell,

We're bound to heaven, but you to hell.

Still God may hear us, while we pray,

And change you ere that burning day.


Once more I ask you, in his name;

(I knew his love remains the same)

Say, will you to Mount Zion go?

Say, will you have this Christ, or no?


Come, you that love the incarnate God,

And feel redemption in his blood,

Let's watch and pray, and onward move,

Till we shall meet in realms above.

Oh! turn, sinner, turn, may the Lord help you turn—

Oh! turn, sinner, turn, why will you die?

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