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Indian's Farewell

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Wm. Walker


When shall we all meet again?

When shall we all meet again?

Oft shall glowing hope expire,

Oft shall wearied love retire,

Oft shall death and sorrow reign,

Ere we all shall meet again.


Though in distant lands we sigh,

Parched beneath a hostile sky,

Though the deep between us rolls

Friendship shall unite our souls,

And in fancy's wide domain,

Oft shall we all meet again.


When our burnished locks are gray,

Thinned by many a toil spent day,

When around the youthful pine

Moss shall creep and ivy twine;

Long may the loved bower remain,

Ere we all shall meet again.


When the dreams of life are fled,

When its wasted lamps are dead,

When in cold oblivion's shade,

Beauty, fame, and wealth are laid,

Where immortal spirits reign,

There may we all meet again.

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