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7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6

A. C. Clark

Baptist Harmony, 455


See how the wicked kingdom

Is falling every day,

And still our blessed Jesus

Is winning souls away;

But O how I am tempted,

No mortal tongue can tell,

So often I'm surrounded

With enemies from hell.


With weeping and with praying,

My Jesus I have found,

To crucify old nature,

And make his grace abound.

Dear children, don't be weary,

But march on in the way;

For Jesus will stand by you,

And be your guard and stay.


If sinners will serve Satan,

And join with one accord,

Dear brethren, as for my part,

I'm bound to serve the Lord;

And if you will go with me,

Pray give to me your hand,

And we'll march on together,

Unto the promised land.


Through troubles and distresses,

We'll make our way to God;

Though earth and hell oppose us,

We'll keep the heavenly road.

Our Jesus went before us,

And many sorrows bore,

And we who follow after,

Can never meet with more.


Thou dear to me, my brethren,

Each one of you I find.

My duty now compels me

To leave you all behind;

But while the parting grieves us,

I humbly ask your prayers,

To bear me up in trouble,

And conquer all my fears.


And now, my loving brothers,

I bid you all farewell!

With you my loving sisters,

I can no longer dwell.

Farewell to every mourner!

I hope the Lord you'll find,

To ease you of your burden,

And give you peace of mind.


Farewell, poor careless sinners!

I love you dearly well;

I've labored much to bring you

With Jesus Christ to dwell,

I now am bound to leave you—

O tell me, will you go?

But if you won't decide it,

I'll bid you all adieu!


We'll bid farewell to sorrow,

To sickness, care, and pain,

And mount aloft with Jesus

For evermore to reign;

We'll join to sing his praises

Above the ethereal blue,

And then, poor careless sinners

What will become of you?

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