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Rev. Samuel Wakefield

Rev. Wm. Hunter

Treble by Wm. Houser. "Tell my brethren that I died at my post."—Last words of Rev. Thomas Drummond.


Away from his home and the friends of his youth,

He hasted, the herald of mercy and truth,

For the love of the Lord, and to seek for the lost;

Soon, alas! was his fall—but he died at his post,

(Repeat previous line).


The stranger's eye wept, that in life's brightest bloom

One gifted so highly should sink to the tomb;

For in order he led in the van of the host,

And he fell like a soldier—he died at his post,

(Repeat previous line).


He wept not himself that his warfare was done;

The battle was fought, and the victory won:

But he whispered of those whom his heart clung to most,

"Tell my brethren, for me, that I died at my post,"

(Repeat previous line).


He asked not a stone to be sculptured with verse;

He asked not that fame should his merits rehearse;

But he asked, as a boon, when he gave up the ghost,

That his brethren might know that he died at his post,

(Repeat previous line).


Victorious his fall—for he rose as he fell

With Jesus, his Master, in glory to dwell;

He has passed o'er the stream, and has reached the bright coast,

For he fell like a martyr—he died at his post,

(Repeat previous line).


And can we the words of his exit forget?

Oh no! they are fresh in our memory yet:

And example so brilliant shall never be lost,

We will fall in the work—we will die at our post,

(Repeat previous line).

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