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Hicks' Farewell


Wm. Walker

Rev. B. Hicks

This song was composed by the Rev. B. Hicks, (a Baptist minister of South Carolina,) and sent to his wife while he was confined in Tennessee by a fever, of which he afterwards recovered.


The time is swiftly rolling on

When I must faint and die;

My body to the dust return,

And there forgotten lie.


Let persecution rage around,

And Antichrist appear;

My silent dust beneath the ground;

There's no disturbance there.


Through heats and colds I've often went,

And wondered in despair,

To call poor sinners to repent,

And seek the Savior dear.


My brother preachers, boldly speak,

And stand on Zion's wall,

T' revive the strong, confirm the weak,

And after sinners call.


My brother preachers, fare you well,

Your fellowship I love;

In time no more I shall you see

But soon we'll meet above.


My little children near my heart,

And nature seems to bind,

It grieves me sorely to depart,

And leave you all behind.


O Lord, a father to them be,

And keep them from all harm,

That they may love and worship thee,

And dwell upon thy charms.


My loving wife, my bosom friend,

The object of my love,

The time's been sweet I've spent with you,

My sweet and harmless dove.


My loving wife, don't grieve for me,

Neither lament nor mourn;

For I shall with my Jesus be,

When you are left alone.


How often you have looked for me,

And ofttimes seen me come;

But now I must depart from thee,

And never more return.


For I can never come to thee;

Let this not grieve your heart,

For you will shortly come to me,

Where we shall never part.

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