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The Good Old Way


Wm. Walker

Dover Selection p. 56

Repeat after each line:



Lift up your heads, Immanuel's friends,

And taste the pleasure Jesus sends,

Let nothing cause you to delay,

But hasten on the good old way


Our conflicts here, though great they be,

Shall not prevent our victory,

If we but watch, and strive, and pray,

Like soldiers in the good old way.


O good old way, how sweet thou art!

May none of us from thee depart,

But may our actions always say,

We're marching on the good old way.


Though Satan may his power employ,

Our peace and comfort to destroy,

Yet never fear, we'll gain the day,

And triumph in the good old way.


And when on Pisgah's top we stand,

And view by faith the promised land,

Then we may sing, and shout, and pray

And march along the good old way.


Ye valiant souls, for heaven contend;

Remember glory's at the end;

Our God will wipe all tears away,

When we have run the good old way.


Then far beyond this mortal shore,

We'll meet with those who're gone before

And him we'll praise in endless day,

Who brought us on the good old way.

O halle, hallelujah.

And I'll sing hallelujah,

And glory be to God on high;

And I'll sing hallelujah,

There's glory beaming from the sky.

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