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Ye children of Jesus, who're bound for the kingdom,

Attune all your voices, and help me to sing

Sweet anthems of praises to my loving Jesus,

For he is my prophet, my priest, and my king;

When Jesus first found me astray I was going,

His love did surround me, and saved me from ruin,

He kindly embraced me, and freely he blessed me,

And taught me aloud his sweet praises to sing.


Why should you go mourning from such a physician,

Come to him believing, though bad your condition,

My soul he hath healed, my heart he rejoices,

I'll serve him, and praise him, and always adore him

Who's able and willing your sickness to cure

His Father has promised your case to ensure:

He brought me to Zion, to hear the glad voices,

Till we meet in heaven where parting's no more.

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