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R. Monday

Dover Selection p. 74.


Rejoice, my friends, the Lord is King,

Let all prepare to take him in,

Let Jacob rise, and Zion sing,

And all the earth with praises ring,

And give to Jesus glory.


O! may the desert land rejoice,

And mourners hear the Savior's voice;

While praise their every tongue employs,

And all obtain immortal joys,

And give to Jesus glory.


O! may the saints of every name

Unite to praise the bleeding Lamb!

May jars and discords cease to flame,

And all the Savior's love proclaim,

And give to Jesus glory.


I long to see the Christians join

In union sweet, and peace divine;

When every church with grace shall shine,

And grow in Christ the living vine,

And give to Jesus glory.


Come, parents, children, bond, and free,

Come, who will go along with me?

I'm bound fair Canaan's land to see,

And shout with saints eternally,

And give to Jesus glory.


Those beauteous fields of living green,

By faith my joyful eyes have seen;

Though Jordan's billows roll between,

We soon shall cross the narrow stream,

And give to Jesus glory.


A few more days of pain and woe,

A few more suffering scenes below,

And then to Jesus we shall go,

Where everlasting pleasures flow,

And there we'll give him glory.


That awful trumpet soon will sound,

And shake the vast creation round,

And call the nations under ground,

And all the saints shall then be crowned,

And give to Jesus glory.


Then shall our tears be wiped away,

No more our feet shall ever stray;

When we are freed from cumbrous clay

We'll praise the Lord in endless day

And give to Jesus glory.

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