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Indian Convert

8, 8, 6


The first three verses of this song were taken almost verbatim, by a Missionary, from an Indian's experience, while he was relating it; the last two verses were composed by David Walker, the Author's brother.


In de dark woods, no Indian high,

Den me look Heb'n, and send up cry,

(Repeat previous line),

Upon my knee so low;

But God on high, in shiny place,

See me at night, wid teary face--

(Repeat previous line),

De preacher tell me so.


God send he angel, take um care,

He cum he self and hear um prayer,

(Repeat previous line),

(If Indian heart do pray,)

He see me now, he know me here;

He say, Poor Indian, never fear,

(Repeat previous line),

Me wid you night and day.


So me lub God, wid inside heart,

He fight for me, he take um part,

(Repeat previous line)

He save um life before;

God hear poor Indian in de wood;

So me lub him, and dat be good

(Repeat previous line)

Me prize him evermore.


De joy I felt I cannot tell,

To tink dat I was saved from hell,

(Repeat previous line),

Through Jesus' streaming blood;

Dat I am saved by grace divine,

Who am de worst of all mankind,

(Repeat previous line),

O glory be to God;


Now I be here baptized to be,

Dat in de water you may see

(Repeat previous line)

De way my Jesus go;

Dis is de way I do believe

Dat Jesus here for us did leave,

(Repeat previous line),

To follow here below.

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