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Faithful Soldier

7, 6

Wm. Walker

Dover Selection, p. 129


O when shall I see Jesus,

And dwell reign with him above,

And drink the from the flowing fountain

Drink everlasting love?

When shall I be delivered,

From this vain world of sin,

And with my blessed Jesus,

Drink endless pleasures in?


But now I am a soldier,

My Captain's gone before;

He's given me my orders,

And bids me ne'er give o'er;

His promises are faithful--

A righteous crown he'll give,

And all his valiant soldiers

Eternally shall live.


Through grace I am determined

To conquer, though I die,

And then away to Jesus,

On wings of love I'll fly:

Farewell to sin and sorrow,

I bid them both adieu!

And O, my friends, prove faithful,

And on your way pursue.


Whene'er you meet with troubles

And trials on your way,

Then cast your care on Jesus,

And don't forget to pray.

Gird on the gospel armor

Of faith, and hope, and love,

And when the combat's ended,

He'll carry you above.


O do not be discouraged,

For Jesus is your friend;

And if you lack for knowledge,

He'll not refuse to lend.

Neither will he upbraid you,

Though often you request,

He'll give you grace to conquer,

And take you home to rest.


And when the last loud trumpet

Shall rend the vaulted skies,

And bid the entombed millions

From their cold beds arise;

Our ransomed dust, revived,

Bright beauties shall put on

And soar to the blest mansions

Where our Redeemer's gone.


Our eyes shall then with rapture,

The Savior's face behold;

Our feet, no more diverted,

Shall walk the streets of gold

Our ears shall hear with transport

The hosts celestial sing;

Our tongues shall chant the glories

Of our immortal King.

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