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Social Band



Say now, ye lovely social band,

Who walk the way to Canaan's land;

Ye who have fled from Sodom's plain,

Say, would you now return again?

Have you just ventured to the field,

Well armed with helmet, sword and shield,

And shall the world, with dread alarms,

Compel you now to ground your arms?


Beware of pleasure's siren song;

Alas! it cannot soothe you long;

It cannot quiet Jordan's wave,

Nor cheer the dark and silent grave.

O let your thoughts delight to soar

Where earth and time shall be no more;

Explore by faith the heavenly fields,

And pluck the fruit that Canaan yields.


There see the glorious hosts on wing,

And hear the heavenly seraphs sing!

The shining ranks in order stand,

Or move like lightning at command.

Jehovah there reigns not alone,

The Savior shares his Father's throne,

While angels circle round his seat,

And worship prostrate at his feet.


Behold! I see, among the rest,

A host in richer garments dressed;

A host that near his presence stands,

And palms of victory grace their hands.

Say, who are these I now behold,

With blood washed robes and crowns of gold?

This glorious host is not unknown

To him who sits upon the throne.


These are the followers of the Lamb;

From tribulation great they came;

And on the hill of sweet repose

They bid adieu to all their woes.

Soon on the wings of love you'll fly,

To join them in that world on high;--

O make it now your chiefest care

The image of your Lord to bear.

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