« Victricius Victurinus Vigilantius »


Victurinus (1) (Victor), St., bp. of Grenoble, a correspondent of St. Avitus, of Vienne. Whether churches and church furniture which heretics had made use of could again, by virtue of a fresh consecration, be made serviceable for the orthodox, to which Avitus replies in the negative (Avitus, Ep. vi.), and as to the penalties to be inflicted in the case of marriage with a deceased wife's sister, which were very severe (Epp. xiv. xv. xvi.), are points on which he consulted the archbishop. He is among 1016the bishops present at the council of Agaunum, in 5I5, if it is to be accepted as genuine, and also at Epaon and Lyons in 517.


« Victricius Victurinus Vigilantius »
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