« Victor, bishop of Capua Victor Tununensis Victorinus »

Victor Tununensis

Victor (48) Tununensis, an African bishop and chronicler. He was a zealous supporter of the "Three Chapters," enduring much persecution after 556 and till his death c. 567, both in his own province and in Egypt. Of his Chronicle, from the creation to a.d.. 566, only the portion 444–566 remains, dealing almost exclusively with the history of the Eutychian heresy and the controversy about the "Three Chapters." It also gives details about the Vandal persecution, the memory of which must have been still fresh in his youth, and various stories telling against Arianism. The Chronicle is very useful for illustrations of the social and religious life of cent. vi. It is printed in Migne's Patr. Lat. t. lxviii. with Galland's preface. Cf. Isid. de Vir. Ill. c. 38; Cave's Hist. Lit. i. 415. A treatise On Penitence, included among the works of St. Ambrose, is attributed to Victor; Ceill. v. 512; x. 469, xi. 302.


« Victor, bishop of Capua Victor Tununensis Victorinus »
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