« Paulina, daughter of Paula Paulinianus Paulinus, bishop of Tyre »


Paulinianus, younger brother of Jerome. He was still young in 385 ("adolescens," Hieron. c. Rut. iii. 22) when he left Rome with his brother and their friend Vincentius, and he was under 30 when ordained in 394 (Hieron. adv. Joan. Hier. § 8). He shared his brother's journeys in Palestine and settled with him in Bethlehem, where he probably remained to the end of his life. He was modest, only desiring to help his brother in the monastery. But Epiphanius, coming to Jerusalem in 394, and finding (or rather promoting) a schism between the monasteries of Bethlehem and bp. John of Jerusalem, took him to the monastery which he had founded at Ad, and there, against the protests and even resistance of Paulinian, ordained him priest. (See in Hieron. Ep. li. 1, ed. Vall. the trans. of Epiphanius's explanatory letter to John of Jerusalem.) Paulinian may perhaps have acted as presbyter in the monasteries for a time, but he felt it prudent during the vehement controversy which sprang up between Jerome and bp. John of Jerusalem to go to Epiphanius in Cyprus. Jerome declares (contra Joannem § 41) that his brother was in Cyprus.


« Paulina, daughter of Paula Paulinianus Paulinus, bishop of Tyre »
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