« Paschasinus Paschasius, deacon of Rome Pastor »

Paschasius, deacon of Rome

Paschasius (3), deacon of Rome, called by Gregory the Great in his Dialogues, bk. iv. c. 40, "a man of great sanctity." He was a firm supporter of the antipope Laurentius to his death, and his adhesion was a great source of strength to the opponents of Symmachus (cf. Baronius, ann. 498). There is extant a work of his in two books, de Sancto Spiritu (Patr. Lat. lxii. 9–40), which Gregory (u.s.) calls "libri rectissimi ac luculenti." The date of his death was c. 512.


« Paschasinus Paschasius, deacon of Rome Pastor »
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