« Marius Mercator, a writer Marius, bp. of Lausanne Martinianus, a martyr at Rome »

Marius, bp. of Lausanne

Marius (2), St., 3rd bp. of Lausanne, whither he is said to have transferred the see from Avenches, between Chilmegisilus and Magnerius (Gams, p. 283), or Arricus (Gall. Christ. xv. 329). He is better known as Marius Aventicensis, the chronicler. He was born at Autun, of parents of high rank. At about the age of 43 he was made bishop (a.d. 575). He constructed a church at Paterniacum (Payerne) on his own property, and made various donations to it. In 585 he was present at the 2nd council of Mâcon (Mansi, ix. 958), and after an episcopate lasting 20 years and 8 months died on the last day of 596, in his 64th year. At the council of Mâcon, in 585, he signed himself "episcopus ecclesiae Aventicae." The authors of the Gallia Christiana publish a metrical epitaph of unknown date, which represents him as fabricating with his own hands the sacred vessels for his church and ploughing his own glebe. His Chronicon is a work of some historical importance. Though extremely brief it furnishes information with reference to Burgundy and Switzerland during the period embraced by it which is found nowhere else, and serves to correct the bias of Gregory of Tours against the Arians of Burgundy. It takes up the chronicle of Prosper of Aquitaine in 455 and carries it to 581, continuing his method of marking the years by consulates, and commencing the indictions with 523. An anonymous author has carried it to 623. For an account and criticism of it see Hist. Litt. iii. 401; Cave, i. 538; Ceillier, xi. 399, 400; Wattenbach, Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen, i. 47; Richter, Annalen, p. 37 and refs. there given. It is in Bouquet, Recueil, ii. 12–19, and Migne, Patr. Lat. lxxii. 791–802.


« Marius Mercator, a writer Marius, bp. of Lausanne Martinianus, a martyr at Rome »
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