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addressed, v. n,, stood erect. adjousted, v., Fr. ajouter, added. allegeance, n., alleviation. ampul, n., a vessel for holy oil. araign, n., a cobweb, vitriol may be meant. aspre, adj., rude or uncouth. attisement, n., instigation. avale, v., run down. axes, n, agues.

celyer, n., refuge or hiding place. cene, n., council. chauffed, v., Fr. chauffer, warmed or comforted. conjured, v., Fr. conjurer, exorcised.

dalve, v., buried. defended, pp., forbidden. detrenched, p. a., O. Fr. destrancher, hewed in pieces. did do make=caused to be made. disperpled, pp., scattered. droiture, n. (Fr.), integrity.

eculee, n., the rack. empeshed, v., Fr. empeche, hindered. engine, n., imagination. enseigned, v., Fr. enseigner, instructed. entailed, pp., Fr. entailler, engraved. esbatements, n. (Fr.), pageants. esprised, pp., Fr. epris, smitten.

facound, adj., eloquent. froten, pp, Fr. frotter, rubbed.

governor, n., helm or rudder. gree, n., favour.

jument, n., a mare.

lapacium, n., sorrel. largo, n., treasure. laurier, n., laurel. lepe, n., a basket. letted, v., attacked, injured. louings, n., pres. part., thanksgivings.

more, adj., bigger. mow, v., to be able.

occision, n., slaughter. orphelins, n. (Fr.), orphans.

pelletre, n,, pyrethrum officinarum, or pellitory of Spain. porret, n., a leek. prelation, n., preference. prest, adj., prepared.

radour, adj., violence. recluage, n., hermitage. releved, v., Fr., relever, set upright. rese, n., disturbance.

sacred, v., consecrated. smaragdos, n., emeralds or jewels. soler, n., an upper chamber. sourde, v., spring up. styed, v., ascended. sudary, n., a napkin. sumpters, n., pack-horses or mules.

tatche, Fr. tache, stain. turbes or tourbes, n., crowds.

turmes. n., assemblies.

unheled, n., laid bare. unnethe, adv., scarcely.

veer, n., spring.

wood, ady., mad.

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