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Here followeth the Life of S. Felix, and first of his name.

Felix is said of felicitas, that is blessedness; or else Felix as bearing strifes and tribulations of this world for everlasting life. Or Felix, bearing light or water to faith, which is to say, leading people to the faith.

Of S. Felix

Felix was chosen pope instead of Liberius, and was ordained and sacred, for because Liberius the pope would not consent to the heresy of the Arians, he was sent into exile of Constantius, son of Constantine, and there abode three years, wherefore all the clergy of Rome ordained Felix to be pope by the will and consent of Liberius. And then this Felix assembled a council of forty-eight bishops and condemned Constantius as Arian and heretic, and two priests, which favoured and sustained him in his heresy. For which thing Constantius was wroth and chased Felix out of his bishopric, and called again Liberius by this covenant, that he should be partner with him and the other whom Felix had condemned. And Liberius, which was tormented by the grievousness of his exile, submitted him unto the evil heresy, and thus the persecution grew more, in so much that many priests and clerks were slain within the church, without that Liberius defended them. And Felix, which was cast out of his bishopric, dwelled in his own heritage, of which he was put out, and martyred by smiting off his head, about the year of our Lord three hundred and forty.

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