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Sin Offering

Probable origin of — Ge 4:4,7.

Was offered

For sins of ignorance. — Le 4:2,13,22,27.

At the consecration of priests. — Ex 29:10,14; Le 8:14.

At the consecration of Levites. — Nu 8:8.

At the expiration of a Nazarite’s vow. — Nu 6:14.

On the day of atonement. — Le 16:3,9.

Was a most holy sacrifice — Le 6:25,29.

Consisted of

A young bullock for priests. — Le 4:3; 9:2,8; 16:3,6.

A young bullock or he-goat for the congregation. — Le 4:14; 16:9; 2Ch 29:23.

A male kid for a ruler. — Le 4:23.

A female kid or female lamb for a private person. — Le 4:28,32.

Sins of the offerer transferred to, by imposition of hands — Le 4:4,15,24,29; 2Ch 29:23.

Was killed in the same place as the burnt-offering — Le 4:24; 6:25.

The blood of

For a priest or for the congregation, brought by the priest into the tabernacle. — Le 4:5,16.

For a priest or for the congregation, sprinkled seven times before the Lord, outside the vail, by the priest with his finger. — Le 4:6,17.

For a priest of for the congregation, put upon the horns of the altar of burnt offering by the priest with his finger. — Le 4:25,30.

In every case poured at the foot of the altar of burnt offering. — Le 4:7; 18:25,30; 9:9.

Fat of the inside, kidneys, burned on the altar of burnt offering — Le 4:8-10,19,26,31; 9:10.

When for a priest or the congregation, the skin, carcass, burned without the camp — Le 4:11,12,21; 6:30; 9:11.

Was eaten by the priests in a holy place, when its blood had not been brought into the tabernacle — Le 6:26,29,30.

Aaron, &c rebuked for burning and not eating that of the congregation, its blood not having been brought into the tabernacle — Le 10:16-18; 9:9,15.

Whatever touched the flesh of, was rendered holy — Le 6:27.

Garments sprinkled with the blood of, to be washed — Le 6:27.

Laws respecting the vessels used for boiling the flesh of — Le 6:28.

Was typical of Christ’s sacrifice — 2Co 5:21; Heb 13:11-13.

« Sincerity Sin Offering Sins, National »
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