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In heaven remember, Jeanne, your fatherland,

Remember all her valleys decked with flowers;

Recall the smiling plains, the mountains grand,

You left, to dry her tears, in other hours.

Remember how your arm saved France from deadly foes;

How, like an angel sent from heaven, you cured her woes!

Hear, in her night of pain,

France call on you again:

Remember now!

Remember those great victories you won,

Rheims, Orleans; those memorable days,

When, in God’s name, grand deeds by you were done,

Crowning your land with laurels and with bays.

Now, far away from you, I suffer and I sigh.

Come once again to save, who once for me didst die!

Deign now to break my chains,

And all my present pains

Remember now!

My arms with fetters bound, to you I cry,

Dim are my eyes with tears, oh, bring relief!

No longer great among earth’s queens am I,

And mine own children pierce my heart with grief.

No more for God they care; their Mother they despise.

O Jeanne, compassionate my myriad miseries!

Daughter of noble heart,

Oh, come, and take my part.

I hope in thee.

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