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O little key! I envy thee,

For thou canst ope, at any hour,

The Eucharistic prison-house,

Where dwells the God of Love and Power.

And yet — Oh, tender mystery! —

One effort of my faith alone

Unlocks the tabernacle door,

And hides me there with Christ my Own.

O lamp within the holy place,

Whose mystic lights forever shine!

I fain would burn with fires of love

As bright, before my God and thine.

Yet, miracle of wondrous bliss!

Such flames are mine; and, day by day,

I can win souls to Jesus Christ,

To burn with His pure love for aye.

O consecrated altar-stone!

I envy thee with every morn.

As once in Bethlehem’s blessed shed,

The Eternal Word on thee is born.

Yet, gentle Saviour! hear my plea;

Enter my heart, O Lord divine!

‘Tis no cold stone I offer Thee,

Who dost desire this heart of mine!

O corporal that angels guard!

What envy of thee fills my breast!

On thee, as in His swaddling bands,

I see my only Treasure rest.

Ah Virgin Mother! change my heart

Into a corporal pure and fair,

Whereon the snow-white Host may rest,

And thy meek Lamb find shelter there.

O holy paten! Jesus makes

Of Thee His sacramental throne.

Ah! if He would abase Himself,

To dwell awhile with me alone!

Jesus fulfils my longing hope,

Nor must I wait until I die; —

He comes to me! He lives in me!

His ostensorium am I!

The chalice, too, I fain would be,

Where I adore the Blood divine!

Yet, at the holy sacrifice,

That Precious Blood each day is mine.

More dear to Jesus is my soul,

Than chalices of gold could be;

His altar is a Calvary new,

Whereon His Blood still flows for me.

Only one little bunch of grapes

That gladly disappears for Thee,

O Jesus, holy, heavenly Vine!

Thou knowest I rejoice to be.

Beneath the pressure of the cross,

I prove my love for Thee alway;

And ask no other joy than this, —

To immolate myself each day!

Among the grains of purest wheat,

O happy lot! he chooses me.

We lose our life for Him, the Christ, ­—

What rapturous height of ecstasy!

Thy spouse am I, Thy chosen one.

My Well-Beloved! come, dwell in me.

Thy beauty wins my heart. Oh, come!

Deign to transform me into Thee!


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