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BOOK CALLED WAY OF PERFECTION.55With few exceptions, the footnotes to the Way of perfection are the translators. Square brackets are therefore not used to distinguish them from those of P. Silverio, as elsewhere. Ordinary brackets, in the footnote translations, are placed round words inserted to complete the sense.

Composed by TERESA OF JESUS, Nun of the Order of Our Lady of Carmel, addressed to the Discalced Nuns of Or Lady of Carmel of the First Rule.66This title, in St. Teresa’s hand, appears on the first page of the Valladolid autograph (V.) which, as we have said in the Introduction, is the basis of the text here used. The Escorial autograph (E.) has the words “Treatise of the Way of Perfection” in an unknown hand, followed by the Prologue, in St. Teresa’s. The Toledo copy (T.) begins with the Protestation.

General Argument of this Book

J. H. S.

This book treats of maxims and counsels which Teresa of Jesus gives to her daughters and sisters in religion, belonging to the Convents which, with the favour of Our Lord and of the glorious Virgin, Mother of God, Our Lady, she has founded according to the First Rule of Our Lady of Carmel. In particular she addresses it to the sisters of the Convent of Saint Joseph of Ávila, which was the first Convent, and of which she was Prioress when she wrote it.77These lines, also in St. Teresa’s hand, follow the title in the Valladolid autograph. P. Bañez added, in his own writing, the words: “I have seen this book and my opinion of it is written at the end and signed with my name.” Cf. ch. 42, below.

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