Table of Contents

Sermon 107. Faith

Sermon 108. The Question of Fear and the Answer of Faith

Sermon 109. Going Home—A Christmas Sermon

Sermon 110. Heavenly Worship

Sermon 111. A Mighty Saviour

Sermon 112. The War of Truth

Sermon 113. Confession of Sin—A Sermon With Seven Texts

Sermon 114. Preaching for the Poor

Sermon 115. Why Are Men Saved?

Sermon 116. Secret Sins

Sermon 117. Lovest Thou Me?

Sermon 118. The Blood-Shedding

Sermon 119. Rahab's Faith

Sermon 120. A Faithful Friend

Sermon 121. The Leafless Tree

Sermon 122. Christ About His Father's Business

Sermon 123. Particular Election

Sermon 124. The Snare of the Fowler

Sermon 125. The Fruitless Vine

Sermon 126. Justification by Grace

Sermon 127. Spiritual Resurrection

Sermon 128. The Uses of the Law

Sermon 129. David's Dying Prayer

Sermon 130. Regeneration

Sermon 131. Salvation of the Lord

Sermon 132. Christ—The Power and Wisdom of God

Sermon 133. Heavenly Rest

Sermon 134. Elijah's Appeal to the Undecided

Sermon 135. Presumptuous Sins

Sermon 136. Israel in Egypt

Sermon 137. Mercy, Omnipotence, and Justice

Sermon 138. Prayer—the Forerunner of Mercy

Sermon 139. Christ Lifted Up

Sermon 140. A Simple Sermon for Seeking Souls

Sermon 141. Substitution

Sermon 143. A Preacher from the Dead

Sermon 144. Waiting Only Upon God

Sermon 145. Love Thy Neighbour

Sermon 146. The Good Man's Life and Death

Sermon 147. The Sound in the Mulberry Trees

Sermon 148. Five Fears

Sermon 149. Independence of Christianity

Sermon 150. India's Ills and England's Sorrows

Sermon 151. The Condescension of Christ

Sermon 152. Things That Accompany Salvation

Sermon 153. The Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent

Sermon 154. Fast-Day Service

Sermon 156. Fear Not

Sermon 157. Thy Redeemer

Sermon 158. Instability

Sermon 159. The True Christian's Blessedness

Sermon 160. Light at Evening Time

Sermon 161. The Security of the Church

Sermon 162. The First and Great Commandment

Sermon 163. Awake! Awake!

Sermon 164. The Loved Ones Chastened


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