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I am persuaded that the use of a good Catechism in all our families will be a great safeguard against the increasing errors of the times, and therefore I have compiled this little manual from the Westminster Assembly's and Baptist Catechisms, for the use of my own church and congregation. Those who use it in their families or classes must labour to explain the sense; but the words should be carefully learned by heart, for they will be understood better as years pass. May the Lord bless my dear friends and their families evermore, is the prayer of their loving Pastor.

C. H. Spurgeon

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Ti 2:15

Published about Oct 14, 1855, when Spurgeon was 21 years old. On Oct. 14, Spurgeon preached Sermon No. 46 to several thousand who gathered to hear him at New Park Street Chapel. When the sermon was published it contained an announcement of this catechism. The text that morning was, "Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations." Ps. 90:1.

Question Topic No.

1 What is the chief end of man? 5901

2 What rule has God given to direct us how we may glorify him? 5902

3 What do the Scriptures principally teach? 5903

4 What is God? 5904

5 Are there more Gods than one? 5905

6 How many persons are there in the Godhead? 5906

7 What are the decrees of God? 5907

8 How does God execute his decrees? 5908

9 What is the work of creation? 5909

10 How did God create man? 5910

11 What are God's works of providence? 5911

12 What special act of providence did God exercise toward man in the state wherein he was created? 5912

13 Did our parents continue in the state wherein they were created? 5913

14 What is sin? 5914

15 Did all mankind fall in Adam's first transgression? 5915

16 Into what estate did the fall bring mankind? 5916

17 Wherein consists the sinfulness of that state whereinto man fell? 5917

18 What is the misery of that state whereinto man fell? 5918

19 Did God leave all mankind to perish in the state of sin and misery? 5919

20 Who is the Redeemer of God's elect? 5920

21 How did Christ, being the Son of God, become man? 5921

22 What offices does Christ execute as our Redeemer? 5922

23 How does Christ execute the office of a prophet? 5923

24 How does Christ execute the office of a priest? 5924

25 How does Christ execute the office of a king? 5925

26 Wherein did Christ's humiliation consist? 5926

27 Wherein consists Christ's exaltation? 5927

28 How are we made partakers of the redemption purchased by Christ? 5928

29 How does the Spirit apply to us the redemption purchased by Christ? 5929

30 What is effectual calling? 5930

31 What benefits do they who are effectually called, partake of in this life? 5931

32 What is justification? 5932

33 What is adoption? 5933

34 What is sanctification? 5934

35 What are the benefits which in this life do either accompany or flow from justification, adoption, and sanctification? 5935

36 What benefits do believers receive from Christ at their death? 5936

37 What benefits do believers receive from Christ at the resurrection? 5937

38 What shall be done to the wicked at their death? 5938

39 What shall be done to the wicked at the day of judgment? 5939

40 What did God reveal to man for the rule of his obedience? 5940

41 What is the sum of the ten commandments? 5941

42 Which is the first commandment? 5942

43 What is required in the first commandment? 5943

44 Which is the second commandment? 5944

45 What is required in the second commandment? 5945

46 What is forbidden in the second commandment? 5946

47 Which is the third commandment? 5947

48 What is required in the third commandment? 5948

49 Which is the fourth commandment? 5949

50 What is required in the fourth commandment? 5950

51 How is the Sabbath to be sanctified? 5951

52 Which is the fifth commandment? 5952

53 What is required in the fifth commandment? 5953

54 What is the reason annexed to the fifth commandment? 5954

55 Which is the sixth commandment? 5955

56 What is forbidden in the sixth commandment? 5956

57 Which is the seventh commandment? 5957

58 What is forbidden in the seventh commandment? 5958

59 Which is the eighth commandment? 5959

60 What is forbidden in the eighth commandment? 5960

61 Which is the ninth commandment? 5961

62 What is required in the ninth commandment? 5962

63 Which is the tenth commandment? 5963

64 What is forbidden in the tenth commandment? 5964

65 Is any man able perfectly to keep the commandments of God? 5965

66 Are all transgressions of the law equally heinous? 5966

67 What does every sin deserve? 5967

68 How may we escape his wrath and curse due to us for sin? 5968

69 What is faith in Jesus Christ? 5969

70 What is repentance to life? 5970

71 What are the outward means whereby the Holy Spirit communicates to us the benefits of redemption? 5971

72 How is the Word made effectual to salvation? 5972

73 How is the Word to be read and heard that it may become effectual to salvation? 5973

74 How do Baptism and the Lord's Supper become spiritually helpful? 5974

75 What is baptism? 5975

76 To whom is Baptism to be administered? 5976

77 Are the infants of such as are professing believers to be baptised? 5977

78 How is baptism rightly administered? 5978

79 What is the duty of such as are rightly baptised? 5979

80 What is the Lord's Supper? 5980

81 What is required to the worthy receiving of the Lord's Supper? 5981

82 What is meant by the words, "until he come," which are used by the apostle Paul in reference to the Lord's Supper? 5982

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