Table of Contents

Title Page.

Prefatory Material.

Sermon XVII. Of the Heinous Guilt of Taking Plesure in Other Men’s Sins.

Sermon XVIII. Of the Heinous Guilt of Taking Plesure in Other Men’s Sins.

Sermon XIX. Natural Religion, without Revelation, shewn only sufficient to render a Sinner inexcusable.

Sermon XX. Of Sacramental Preparation.

Sermon XXI. The fatal Imposture and Force of Words.

Sermon XXII. Prevention of Sin an unvaluable Mercy.

Sermon XXIII. An Account of the Nature and Measures of Conscience: in Two Sermons.

Sermon XXIV. A further Account of the Nature and Measures of Conscience.

Epistle Dedicatory.

Sermon XXV. The Doctrine of Merit stated, and the Impossibility of Man’s meriting God.

Sermon XXVI. Of the Light Within Us.

Sermon XXVII. Of Loving Our Enemies.

Sermon XXVIII. False Foundations removed, and true ones laid.

Sermon XXIX. A true State and Account of the Plea of a tender Conscience.

Sermon XXX. Christianity mysterious, and the Wisdom of God in making it so.

Sermon XXXI. The lineal Descent of Jesus of Nazareth from David by his blessed Mother the Virgin Mary

Sermon XXXII. Jesus of Nazareth proved the true and only promised Messiah

Sermon XXXIII. The Messiah’s Sufferings for the Sins of the People.

Sermon XXXIV. Upon the Resurrection.

Sermon XXXV. The Christian Pentecost, or the solemn effusion of the Holy Ghost, in the several miraculous gifts conferred by him upon the Apostles and first Christians.

Sermon XXXVI. The peculiar care and concern of Providence for the protection and defence of kings.


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