« Zaccur Zachariah Zacharias »


(remembered by Jehovah), or properly Zechariah.

  • Son of Jeroboam II., fourteenth king of Israel, and the last of the house of Jehu. There is a difficulty about the date of his reign. Most chronologers assume an interregnum of eleven years between Jeroboam’s death and Zachariah’s accession. The latter event took place B.C. 772-1. His reign lasted only six months. He was killed in a conspiracy of which Shallum was the head, and by which the prophecy in (2 Kings 10:30) was accomplished,
  • The father of Abi or Abijah, Hezekiah’s mother. (2 Kings 18:2)
« Zaccur Zachariah Zacharias »
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