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THIS book is not meant in any sense to be a Commentary on the Old Testament. I freely confess that there are many difficult parts about which I know nothing, but before which I have learned to sit down in the silence and contentment of faith, and await patiently the day of God’s explanations.

My object has been, not to explain the Bible, but simply to give, as far as I Have seen it, the deep inner sense of the Books of the Old Testament, in their progressive development of truth and experience. These views have been opened to me principally through the writings and teachings of a few of the Lord’s see-ers, or “seers,” chief among whom I would mention the Rev. Andrew Jukes, of England; and they have been made so great a blessing to my own spiritual life, that I long to have others share them with me.

There may be very honest doubts as to the correctness of interpreting the Old Testament in this typical way, and I would not contend with these. But I have found in my own heart, and in the hearts of many others, a certain spiritual sense which has led us instinctively iv to accept and enjoy this application of the Old Testament Scriptures, and it is to such I speak in this book.

Nor are we without large warrant in the New Testament for this typical or symbolical interpretation, as in many instances the inspired writers there, make just such an application of the Old Testament narratives. See Gal. iv. 22-13Heb. v.; vii.; ix.; x., &c. And notice especially the positive declaration made in 1 Cor. x. 1-11 concerning the story of the children of Israel:  “Now all these things were our types;” and again, “Now all these things happened unto them for types.” Our text reads “examples” or “ensamples,” but the true rendering is “figures” or “types,” as can be seen by a reference to the original, or to the margins of our reference Bibles.

I feel, therefore, that we are justified in seeking for this mystic sense in that, which might otherwise be of but little value to us spiritually. And I send forth these Readings to those who can receive them, with a heart-felt prayer that the Lord may use them to His glory.


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