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The Seventh Ecumenical Council.

The Second Council of Nice.

a.d. 787.

Emperors.—Constantine VI. and Irene.




The Sacra to Hadrian.

The Sacra read at Session I.

Extracts from the Acts, Session I.

Session II.

Session III.

Session IV.

Session VI. containing the Epitome of the decree of the iconoclastic Conciliabulum.

Excursus On the Conciliabulum.

The dogmatic Decree of the Synod.

Excursus On the present teaching of the Latin and Greek Churches on the subject of images.

The Canons, with the Ancient Epitome and Notes.

Synodal Letter to the Emperors.

Excursus On the Two Letters of Gregory II. to the Emperor Leo.

Excursus On the Reception of the Seventh Council.

Excursus On the Council of Frankfort, A.D. 794.

Excursus On the Convention of Paris, A.D. 825.

Historical Note On the so-called “Eighth General Council” and subsequent councils.

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