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445Canon IV.

Of the different orders that should abstain from their wives.

Faustinus, the bishop of the Potentine Church, in the province of Picenum, a legate of the Roman Church, said:  It seems good that a bishop, a presbyter, and a deacon, or whoever perform the sacraments, should be keepers of modesty and should abstain from their wives.

By all the bishops it was said:  It is right that all who serve the altar should keep pudicity from all women.


Ancient Epitome of Canon IV.

Let those who pray abstain from their wives that they may obtain their petitions.

This canon is taken from Canon ij., of Carthage 387 or 390, last mentioned.


See Canon XXV.  “Abstain from their wives,” i.e. Some time before and after the Eucharist, as the old Scholiasts understand it.  [i.e. the Greek scholiasts, but see notes to Canon xiij. of Quinisext.]

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