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Canon XCVII.

Those who have commerce with a wife or in any other manner without regard thereto make sacred places common, and treat them with contempt and thus remain in them, we order all such to be expelled, even from the dwellings of the catechumens which are in the venerable temples.  And if any one shall not observe these directions, if he be a cleric let him be deposed, but if a layman let him be cut off.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XCVII.

Whoever in a temple has commerce with his wife and remains there out of contempt, shall be expelled even from the Catechumens.  If any one shall not observe this he shall be deposed or cut off.


In the name of holy places, not the church itself but the adjoining and dependent buildings are intended such as those which are called the “Catechumena.”  For no one would be audacious enough to wish to cohabit with his wife in the very temple itself.

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