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Epistle L.

To Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria.

Gregory to Eulogius, &c.

The bearers of these presents, coming to Sicily, were converted from the error of the Monophysites, and united themselves to the holy universal Church.  Having proceeded to the church of the blessed Peter, Prince of the apostles, they requested of me that I should commend them by letter to your Blessedness, to the end that they may not now be allowed to suffer any wrong from the heretics that are near them.  And because one of them says that the monastery in which he was had been founded by his kindred, he desires to receive authority from your Holiness that the heretics who are in it may either return to the bosom of holy Church or be expelled from the same monastery.  Let it be enough for us to have indicated this to you:  for we know of your Blessedness that whatever pertains to zeal for Almighty God you hasten with all fervour to do.  But for me I beg you to pray, since amid the swords of the Lombards which I endure I am excessively afflicted by pains of gout.

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