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Epistle XXXVIII.

To Vitus, Guardian (Defensorem147147    Cf. V. 29.).

Gregory to Vitus, &c.

If thou art held bound by no condition or liability to bodily service, and hast not been a cleric of any other city, and if there is no canonical objection to thee, it is our will and pleasure, with a view to the advantage of the Church, that thou receive the office of Guardian of the Church, in order that thou mayest execute incorruptly and diligently whatever may be enjoined thee by us for the benefit of the poor; using this privilege which after deliberation we have conferred on thee, so as to do thy diligence faithfully in accomplishing all that may be enjoined thee by us, as having to render an account of thy doings before the judgment of our God.  This epistle we have dictated for writing to Paterius, secundicerio notario of our Church148148    Primicerius notariarum occ. III. 22.  “Primicerius, Primus cujusque ordinis.—Secundicerius, Qui post primicerium est in schola qualibet.”  D’Arnis’ Lexicon., and have subscribed it.

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