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Epistle LXII.

To the Neapolitans.

Gregory to the clergy and noble citizens of Naples.

It is not a new thing, nor is it reprehensible, that in the election of a bishop the votes of the people should be divided between two parties:  but it is a serious matter when in cases of this kind the election goes not by judgment, but by favour only.  For before your letter reached us we had learnt from the report of certain persons that the deacon John, who has been elected by the other party, has a little daughter.  Hence, if they had had a mind to attend to reason, neither would others have elected him nor would he have consented.  For what presumption must his be who dares to approach the episcopate while convicted by the evidence of the little girl, of not having had long control over his own body!  Moreover, Peter the deacon, who you say has been elected by you, is, according to what is said, quite without astuteness.  And you know that at the present time the person to be constituted in the highest place of government, should be one who knows how to be careful, not only for the salvation of souls, but also with regard to the external advantage and safeguard of his subjects.  But know ye further that it has come to our ears concerning him, that he has given money on usury; which thing you ought to enquire into thoroughly, and, if it is so, elect another, and without delay hold yourselves aloof from a person of this kind.  For we will on no account lay hands on lovers of usury.  If, however, after accurate enquiry made, this should prove to be false (since his person is unknown to us, and we know not whether what has been reported to us of his simplicity be true), he must needs come to us with your decree in his favour, that, having made careful enquiry into his life and manners, we may at the same time become acquainted with his intelligence; and thus, in case of his satisfying this enquiry, we may in him, with the Lord’s help, fulfil your desires.  Further, let it be your care to look out also for another 51person who may be suitable, so that, if this one should by any chance appear unfit for appointment to this order, there may be some one else to whom you may transfer your choice.  For it will be a serious disgrace to your clergy, in case of this man by any chance not being approved, if they should say that they have no one else fit to be elected.

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