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Epistle XXXVII.

To Innocent, Præfect of Africa.

Gregory to Innocent, &c.

The lucid eloquence of your Eminence, seasoned with the honey of the heart, has so infused its savour into our inmost soul, and ravished us with love of it, that both what you write sounds sweet, and what you do has a pleasant savour; nor this without good cause, since one who is accomplished in good studies is great in the eye of judgment, and not of partiality.  Further, as we understand that you have taken upon you the belts116116    Cingula.  “Speciatim cingulum adhibetur in re militari.  Est enim militiæ insigne; et metonymice pro ipsa militia ponitur.”  (Facciolati.) of the prefecture, sadness is mingled with our joy.  For on the one hand we are rejoiced for the promotion of our most sweet son, but are saddened on the other, because we feel in fact from our own sorrow how heavy a burden it is in times of confusion to be advanced to high positions.  Wherefore all pains ought to be taken that troublesome circumstances may become an occasion of reward.  For, as you know, corn springs from land that is full of thistles, and the rose is produced from thorns.  While, then, you have a time given you meet for sowing, delay not to sow the seed of good works, that in the day of harvest you may carry home the greater armfuls of joy, and from good service in a transitory dignity may come to eternal glory.  Knowing, then, of the pains you have taken in the preparation of swift-sailing vessels117117    Dromonibus.  “Est etiam hoc nomine genus navis longæ, transvectionibus aptæ, a celeritate dictæ (δρόμος), a brigantine, cutter, yacht, carvel:  cujus mentio fit in Cod. lib. 1, tit. 27, leg. 2, et apud Cassiod. l. 5, Ep. XVII.”  (Facciolati.), we relieve your anxiety by wished for news, informing you that, by the mercy of God, we have come to terms about peace with the king of the Lombards until the month of March in the coming fourth Indiction.  Whether it will hold or not we know not, since the said king is reported to have died since, though the fact so far is held to be uncertain118118    It was not the fact.  The Lombard King Agilulph lived till a.d. 616..

We have done what you wrote to ask us to do about Anamundarus, and would that the result might answer to our wish; for, as far as we are concerned, we do not deny the succour of our intercession to the afflicted.

As to your wishing the book on the exposition of holy Job to be sent to you, we altogether rejoice at your earnest desire; since we see that your Eminence earnestly desires what may both prevent you from going entirely outside yourself, and bring your heart back to itself after being distracted by secular cares.  But, if you desire to be satiated with delicious food, read the works of the blessed Augustine, your countryman, and seek not our chaff in comparison with his fine wheat.

Furthermore, we have learnt from the testimony of Hilarius our Chartularius what patronage and what kindness your Glory has bestowed in the interests of the poor of the blessed Peter, Prince of the apostles, who loves you.  On this account, returning you abundant thanks, we implore the mercy of Almighty God, that He would defend you with the protection of His grace, and permit neither bad men to prevail against you without, nor malignant spirits within; but that He would of His mercy so order your doings in His fear that, as He has made you glorious among men, He may also make you so after the course of a long life in the number of His saints.

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