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Epistle XXXI.

To Libertinus, Ex-Prætor.

Gregory to Libertinus, &c.

What straits you are in with regard to the things of this world is not unknown to us.  But, since to those who are placed in the utmost tribulation the only comfort is the mercy of the Creator, rest your hope on Him, and turn to Him with your whole heart, Who both justly allows whom He will to be afflicted and will mercifully deliver one who trusts in Him.  To Him, then, give thanks, and patiently endure what has been brought upon you.  For it is the part of a right mind not only to bless God in prosperity, but also in adversities to join in praising Him.  In these things therefore that you are suffering let no murmur against God creep into your heart, since for what purpose our Creator thus works is unknown.  For perchance, magnificent son, thou didst offend Him in something when in a state of prosperity, from which He would purge thee by kindly bitterness.  And so neither let temporal affliction break thee down nor losses of thy goods distract thee, since if, returning thanks in adversity, thou make God propitious to thee by thy patience, both the things that were lost are multiplied, and in addition to this, eternal joys held out to thee.  I beg thee, however, not to take it amiss that we have written through Romanus the guardian to order twenty suits of clothing to be supplied from us to your servants, seeing that things, however small, which are offered from the goods of the blessed Apostle Peter are always to be taken for a great blessing, since he will have power both to bestow on you greater things, and to hold out to you eternal benefits with Almighty God.  The month of June, Indiction 3.

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