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Epistle XVIII.

To Clementina, Patrician106106    It is a sign of Gregory’s habitual courtesy to ladies of rank, as well as of their influential position, that he is moved to send her a kind of apology for removing from Constantinople a priest whom she valued, and who may have been her spiritual adviser.  See also the epistle which follows, in which the subdeacon in charge of the proceedings is directed to resort to her in person to solicit her consent.  Amandus was after his death venerated as a Saint at Surrentum.  In the Church of SS. Felix and Baculus there is this epitaph;—“Hic requiescit sacerdos Dei Amandus episcopus sanctæ ecclesiæ Surrentinæ, qui sedit annos xvii. dies xxi.  Depositus est die 13, mense Aprilis, indict. 5, imperante D.N. Heraclio R. Aug. anno 7.  Orate pro me, sancte Pater,” (Migne, Patrilog., in loc.).

Gregory to Clementina, &c.

Know, glorious daughter, that the presbyter 44Amandus has been elected to the episcopate by the people of Surrentum.  And, we having written for him to be sent hither, you ought not to be saddened for his absence, seeing that one who is with you in heart should not even be believed to be departing from you.  And, since he who once pleased you is acceptable to those who want a bishop, bless Almighty God for this, and with Christian devotion rejoice the more; and gladly do your best to further his coming to us for the advantage of others speedily, since it is the part of sincere charity to exult when one who is loved is called that he may grow.

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