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Epistle LIX.

To John, Bishop of Syracuse3939    See preceding epistle, note 1.  On this John’s election to the See of Syracuse on Gregory’s strong recommendation after the death of Maximianus, see V. 17..

Gregory to John, &c.

I have received your Fraternity’s letter, wherein you inform me that the most eloquent Martin has come from the African province and communicated something to you privately.  And indeed your Fraternity, as often as you find occasion, ceases not to shew your love towards the blessed apostle Peter.  Wherefore we give thanks to Almighty God, that where you are, there we are not found absent.  Nevertheless, your Holiness is not yet fully cognizant of the case in hand.  For the Byzacene primate4040    Viz. Crementius.  See preceding epistle. had been accused on some charge, and the most pious Emperor wished him to be judged by us according to canonical ordinance.  But then, on the receipt of ten pounds of gold, Theodorus the magister militum opposed this being done.  Yet the most pious Emperor admonished us to commission some one, and do whatever was canonical.  But, seeing the contrarieties of men, we have been unwilling to decide this case.  Now, moreover, this same primate says something about his own intention.  And it is exceedingly doubtful whether he says such things to us sincerely, or in fact because he is being attacked by his fellow-bishops:  for, as to his saying that he is subject to the Apostolic See, if any fault is found in bishops, I know not what bishop is not subject to it.  But when no fault requires it to be otherwise, all according to the principle of humility are equal.  Nevertheless, do you speak with the aforesaid most eloquent Martin as seems good to your Fraternity.  For it is for you to consider what should be done; and we have replied to you briefly on the case, because we ought not to believe indiscriminately men that are even unknown to us.  If, however, you, who see him before you in person, are of opinion that anything more definite should be said to him, we commit this to your Charity, being sure of your love in the grace of Almighty God.  And what you do regard without doubt as having been done by us.

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