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Epistle XXIII.

To John, Bishop of Syracuse.

Gregory to John, &c.

Our son the glorious exconsul Leontius has made a serious complaint to us of our brother and fellow-bishop Leo; and his complaint has altogether disturbed us, since a bishop ought not to have acted so precipitately and lightly.  This case we have committed, to be thoroughly enquired into, to our Guardian (defensoris) Romanus when he comes to you.  Further, the messenger who was sent by him (i.e. by Leontius) complains of your Fraternity, that in the defence of the illustrious physician Archelaus the interests of our brother and fellow-bishop, the Metropolitan Domitian, suffer damage3131    This Domitian was bishop of Melitina and Metropolitan of Armenia, being a relation of the Emperors, see III. 67.  The physician Archelaus is commended in an epistle not translated (V. 32) to Cyprian, the previous rector patrimonii in Sicily, for protection in some question about property..  And indeed your Fraternity ought justly to protect your sons, or it may be in this case the interests of holy Church, and to give no occasion for evil-speaking to adversaries.  I doubt not, however, even while thus speaking, that you do take heed to this:  yet we have enjoined on the same Romanus, when he comes to you, to arrange with you what is right with regard to this case also.

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