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Epistle XCIV.

To Romanus the Guardian (Defensorem).

Gregory to Romanus, &c.

The bearers of these presents, who came hither from the parts of Istria to find their bishop who is now living in the parts of Sicily, have asked us to speed them in their way, and we have arranged for their journey hence.  Let, then, thy Experience receive them, and arrange for their reaching their said bishop as soon as possible; lest, as they allege may be the case, others of the schismatics in those parts should be beforehand to persuade them.  For, so far as they indicate, the bishop himself has a desire to come to us in behalf of the unity of the faith.  Assistance therefore should be given them, that, with the help of the Lord, they may accomplish the good things they desire.  But let thy Experience, in person if he is near at hand or otherwise by letter, exhort this same bishop to lose no time in hastening, with the Lord’s good favour, to the threshold of the Apostles, being assured that he will be received by us with all affection.  We also desire thee to pay him the cost of his journey to enable him to come to us.  But, if he finds coming here burdensome, and arranges to live in Sicily, and consents, with his security given, to remain in the unity of the Church among the perverters of Scripture, this also do not thou delay to inform us of, that we may arrange, with the help of the Lord, how provision may be made for his expenses there.  But lend also thy concurrence and succour for the bearers of these letters to come to their said bishop, so that after leaving us they may experience no less attention.

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