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Epistle XCI.

To Fortunatus, Bishop of Neapolis (Naples).

Gregory to Fortunatus, &c.

Inasmuch as the Father of God’s servants whom I had sent to the city of Naples has, by the ordering of God as it hath pleased Him, departed this life, it has seemed good to me to send the bearer of these presents, the monk Barbatianus, for the government of the same monks.  For the present we decide that he shall be Prior, so that, if his life should approve itself to thy Fraternity, thou mayest after a little time ordain him as their Father.  For he has some good qualities that commend him.  But he has this great fault, that he is exceedingly wise in his own conceit.  And it is evidently known how many branches of sin may spring from this root.  Let thy Holiness, therefore, keep careful watch over him; and if you shall find him become wary in government and humble in his own mind, then, with the permission of God, advance him to the dignity of Abbot.  But, if he makes little progress in humility, defer his ordination, and report to me5757    See X. 24..

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