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Epistle XVIII.

To Romanus, Guardian (Defensorem).

Gregory to Romanus, &c.

Our care for the purpose before us prompts us to commit the looking after ecclesiastical interests to active persons.  And so, since we have found thee, Romanus, to have been a trusty and diligent guardian, we have thought fit to commit to thy government from this present second indiction the patrimony of the holy Roman Church, which by the mercy of 10God we serve, lying in the parts about Syracuse, Catana, Agrigentum, and Mile (partibus Milensibus).  Hence it is needful that thou go thither immediately, that, in consideration of the divine judgment, and in memory also of our admonition, thou mayest study to acquit thyself so efficiently and faithfully that thou mayest be found to incur no risk for negligence or fraud, which God forbid should be the case.  But act thus all the more in order that thou mayest be commended to divine grace for thy faithfulness and industry.  Moreover, we have sent orders according to custom to the familia of the same patrimony2929    See the following Epistle XIX.  For the meaning of familiahere see note 3 to the same epistle.  Gregory sent at the same time letters (which have not been translated) to three influential laymen in Sicily, desiring them to assist and support Romanus in the exercise of his authority.  Four other letters (23, 24, 26, 27) are translated, as intimating the kind of duties devolving on Romanus in connexion with his government of the Patrimony., that there may be nothing to hinder thy carrying out what has been enjoined thee.

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