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Epistle XXXI.

To Phocas, Emperor218218    Phocas succeeded Mauricius as Emperor in November, a.d. 602.  With regard to Gregory’s adulatory tone towards this sanguinary usurper and his consort Leontia, see Prolegomena, p. xxvii..

Gregory to Phocas Augustus.

Glory to God in the highest who, according as it is written, changes times, and transfers kingdoms, seeing that He has made apparent to all what He vouchsafed to speak by His prophet, That the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will (Dan. iv. 17).  For in the incomprehensible dispensation of Almighty God there are alternate controlments of mortal life; and sometimes, when the sins of many are to be smitten, one is raised up through whose hardness the necks of subjects may be bowed down under the yoke of tribulation, as in our affliction we have long had proof.  But sometimes, when the merciful God has decreed to refresh the mourning hearts of many with His consolation, He advances one to the summit of government, and through the bowels of His mercy infuses the grace of exultation in Him into the minds of all.  In which abundance of exultation we believe that we shall speedily be confirmed, who rejoice that the Benignity of your Piety has arrived at imperial supremacy.  Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad (Ps. xcv. 11); and let the whole people of the republic, hitherto afflicted exceedingly, grow cheerful for your benignant deeds.  Let the proud minds of enemies be subdued under the yoke of your domination.  Let the crushed and depressed spirits of subjects be revived by your mercy:  let the power of heavenly grace make you terrible to your enemies, your piety kind to your subjects.  Let the whole republic have rest in your most happy times, the pillage of peace under colour of processes at law being exposed.  Let plottings about wills cease, and benevolences exacted by force.  Let secure possession of their own return to all, that they may rejoice in having without fear what they have acquired without fraud.  Let every single person’s liberty be now at length restored to him under the yoke of empire.  For there is this difference between the kings of the nations and the emperors of the republic, that the kings of the nations are lords of slaves, but the emperors of the republic lords of freemen.  But we shall better speak of these things by praying than by putting you in mind of them.  May Almighty God in every thought and deed keep the heart of your Piety in the hand of His grace; and whatever things should be done justly, whatever things with clemency, may the Holy Spirit who dwells in your breast direct, that your Clemency may both be exalted in a temporal kingdom, and after courses of many years attain to heavenly kingdoms.  Given in the month of June, Indiction 6.

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