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Epistle XXII.

To Rusticiana, Patrician17451745    See II. 27, note 2..

Gregory to Rusticiana, &c.

I remember having before now written to your Excellency, and repeatedly urged you to lose no time in revisiting the thresholds of the blessed Peter, Prince of the apostles.  And what means your so great delight in the city of Constantinople, and your oblivion of the city of Rome, I know not.  I have not so far been thought worthy of getting any information from you on this head.  For how far it might be of advantage to your soul for reaping the rewards of eternal life, and how far it would suit also in all respects your glorious daughter, the lady Eusebia, this we fully give our attention to, and you may no less fully consider.  But, if you enquire of my son Peter, your servant, whom I have found to be wise beyond his age and to be studying to attain ripeness, you will find how great is the love towards your Excellency of all who dwell here, and how great their desire to be thought worthy of seeing you again.  And if, the Lord teaching us, we are admonished in Holy Writ that we should love even our enemies, we ought to consider how wrong it is to shew no love even to those who 238blove us.  But, if haply we are said to be loved, we know most certainly that no one can have affection for those whom he does not wish to see.  If, however, you are afraid of the swords and wars of Italy, you should attentively observe how great is the protection of the blessed Peter, Prince of the apostles, in this city, wherein, without a large force of people, and without military aid, we are preserved under God for so many years among swords.  This we say, because we love.  But may Almighty God grant whatever He sees to be of advantage to your soul for ever, and to the renown of your house at the present time.

The ten pounds of gold which your Excellency has sent for the redemption of captives I have received at the hands of my aforesaid son.  But I pray that the heavenly grace which granted to you that you should give them for your soul’s reward may also grant to me to dispense them without any contagion of sin; lest we should be stained by that whereby you wipe away sins.  May Almighty God, who looks upon the weakness of your body and your pilgrimage, comfort you ever by His grace, and by the life and health of my most sweet son the Lord Strategius17461746    A grandchild of Rusticiana.  See as above.; that so He may nurture him both for you through many years and for Himself through eternity, and may both replenish you and all your house with present good and grant you to have grace from above.  We further beg that the glorious lord Eudoxius may be greeted in our behalf.

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