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Epistle XIII.

To Columbus.

Gregory to Columbus, Bishop of Numidia17361736    See II. 48, note 8..

How we may presume on your Charity we gather from the disposition of our own mind with regard to you.  Nor do we think that you love the Apostolic See otherwise than as it loves you.  Whence it must needs be that we should more peculiarly commend those whom we know to be, as they should be, devoted in the Church of the blessed Peter, Prince of the apostles, to you whose life the action as well as the dignity of a priest adorns, and of whose sincerity we already hold proof from past experience.

As to our brother, therefore, and fellow-bishop Paul17371737    See IV. 34, note 4., the bearer of these presents, with what billows and adversities he is tossed in your parts he tells us is not unknown to your Holiness.  And seeing that he asserts that the complaints against him which you have told us have come to your ears are not true, but raised against him at the instigation of his adversaries, and that he trusts to be able by the help of the Lord to surmount them all, with the truth to support him and with you to take cognizance, we exhort you, most beloved brother, that, in whatever points considerations of justice are clearly on his side, you afford him becomingly the hand of succour, and aid him with priestly sympathy.  Let, then, no circumstance, 235bno influence of any persons, deflect you from studious regard to equity.  But, leaning on the Lord’s precepts, set at naught whatever is opposed to rectitude.  In defending one party or the other insist constantly on justice.  Shrink not from incurring ill-will, if such there be, in behalf of truth; that thou mayest find in the advent of our Redeemer so much the greater fruit of reward as, not neglecting His commands, thou shalt have devoted thyself to the countenance and defence of justice.  In the month of March, first Indiction.

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